2018-2019 BirdSpotter Grand Prize Winners!  2018-2019 BirdSpotter Grand Prize Winners! Category8 PC MODO Ostdrossel 1

2018-2019 BirdSpotter Grand Prize Winners!

|Mourna Lisa by Ostdrossel|
This year’s Birdspotter contest was, again, full of bright, creative, and beautiful photos of birds. We received well over 2,000 entries and nearly 13,000 voters helped us choose our People’s Choice and Grand Prize winners! Without further ado, here are our top three Grand Prize winners for this year’s contest:
Congratulations to Ostdrossel, for winning our top Grand Prize spot! Ostdrossel’s photo of the Mourning Dove (pictured above) that she dubbed “Mourna Lisa” stole our voter’s hearts. She also won People’s Choice in the “Boring is Beautiful” category. In her entry, she expressed that Mourning Doves’ “subtle beauty often becomes more visible to me in close-up shots. There are so many colors and patterns to discover, and it all is one beautiful composition.” Well said! photo © Laura Frazier
Our second-place Grand Prize winner was Laura Frazier of West Virginia. She had also won the People’s Choice in our “Birds with Food, or at the Feeder” category this year with her photo of a Cedar Waxwing gleaning the fruit off of a crabapple tree. Laura heard from a friend about a flock in a nearby orchard: “I couldn’t resist going to take some photos of them as they are such beautiful birds that I don’t get to see very often.”
Our third-place Grand Prize winner was Walt Cochran, of Kansas. He was a People’s Choice winner in Category 7, “The Unexpected.” Walt spotted this Short-eared Owl land on a guardrail while driving with his daughter one evening, and the owl gave him a chance to snap this beautiful portrait. photo © Walt Cochran
Thanks to our sponsor, Wild Birds Unlimited for providing great prizes to all of our winners this season! And, of course, a huge thank you to all who submitted, commented, viewed and voted in the contest this year. To view other winners, please visit our BirdSpotter homepage.
Get your cameras ready for next year’s contest, which will begin again in the fall.

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