5 Dog-Walking Problems & Solutions  5 Dog-Walking Problems & Solutions A ppug and a French Bulldog out for a walk

5 Dog-Walking Problems & Solutions

Walking with your dog is supposed to be relaxing and fun for you both, but so often it is a struggle and anything but fun for either of you. Here are some of the top five problems and solutions dog parents often encounter on their walks. But you can take back the walk and make it worthwhile and enjoyable for both you and your dog.
1. Going “crazy” when you bring out the leash
Does your dog go crazy at even just the sight of the leash? Photography ©K_Thalhofer | Getty Images.
Your dog has paired the fun of a walk with the leash, and some dogs go “crazy” and jump all over their owners or twirl around so quickly it’s hard to even attach the leash. Don’t begin a walk in that frenzied state, as your dog is already worked up. And a dog in that state is likely to want to go, go, go once you get outside. Re-set this scene.
Spend a week or two getting out the leash at various times but not going for a walk. Reinforce your dog when he’s near the leash and exhibits calm behavior. Work up to having your dog walk over the leash on the floor with no over-the-top reactions. Then do the same reinforcement as you attach and re-attach the leash several times a day but without heading out for a walk. The reinforced behavior should continue. The idea is to reframe what the leash means to the dog, and now you want it to mean either “Sit” or “Show me calm behavior.” When your dog gives you a calm behavior, then you can attach the leash and start the walk.

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