Cat obesity rate rose in 90s, steady during past decade

Find Pet Insurance- October 15, 2019

The study results suggest that many cat owners may not bring their cats to the veterinarian repeatedly, especially after the first year. Read the original ... Read More

South Korea’s artificial floating roosts: a lifeline for migratory shorebirds

Find Pet Insurance- October 15, 2019

Sea-level rise is keeping exhausted migratory shorebirds flying round and round like aeroplanes in holding patterns, with nowhere to land and rest. The solution: artificial ... Read More

2020 Kentucky Three-Day Event Tickets Go on Sale Today!

Leslie Wylie- October 15, 2019

Oliver Townend and Cooley Master Class, winners of the 2019 Kentucky Three-Day Event. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography. Christmas seems to come a little bit ... Read More

Scientific tip for seaweed palatability in dog food

Find Pet Insurance- October 12, 2019

While high levels of seaweed inclusion reduced dogs’ preference for the kibble, the researchers offered advice for maintaining palatability while using seaweed-based pet food ingredients. ... Read More

A Grassroots Banding Project Reveals How Amazing Northern Saw-whet Owls Are

Victoria Campbell- October 12, 2019

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Ask the Vet hands out bragging rights + VOTE for the questions in our next video!

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Dog Dental Hygiene: How to Keep Your Pup’s Teeth Clean

Doggy Dan- October 11, 2019

Many people go years and years without paying any attention to their dog’s teeth. Then, suddenly, a dog stops eating or gets sick and it ... Read More