Author: Adrea

Cat Behavior: Early Morning Wake-Up Call

Adrea- September 12, 2019

A cat may be the best alarm clock in the world.  Most of the time. Unfortunately, some don't get the memo on the days you ... Read More

Klepto Kitty – True Life Cat Burglar

Adrea- April 11, 2019

Bella, a real-honest-to-goodness cat burglar, may be the answer to a life-long question for people everywhere. Where that "other sock" went. The post Klepto Kitty ... Read More

Fantastic Training Tips – Claws are A-Okay

Adrea- April 6, 2019

An animal advocate and behaviorist with great insight into our pets, check out Amy Shojai's thoughts on kitty and her claws. The post Fantastic Training ... Read More

Psychic Cat Predicts Royal Baby Will be a Girl!

Adrea- April 1, 2019

Can the psychic cat with the stellar record be wrong this time around? Guess we will all have to six months wait to see if ... Read More

Small Town Hires Cat Chief to Care for Local Strays

Adrea- March 27, 2019

Perhaps some of the folks who didn't make the cut for the Greek position will offer to come by and help out the new Cat ... Read More

Sarah McLachlan Adopts Rescue “Queen Peanut”

Adrea- March 22, 2019

When superstar and animal advocate Sarah McLachlan viewed adoptable animals at Ladybird Animal Sanctuary she came across a picture she couldn't resist. The post Sarah ... Read More

Kitten Finds Comfort Among Litter of Greyhounds

Adrea- March 17, 2019

When Jim McCarty went out to check on the litter of newborn pups his Greyhound had delivered, he was a bit surprised to find the ... Read More