Author: Amy Bojo

Kitten Who Came with a Head-tilt, Has Her Life Turned Around When She Finds a Foster Home

Amy Bojo- April 9, 2019

A stray kitten couldn't sit up straight or walk until someone brought her home to foster - it turned her life around. Joyce @kangaroothekitty Willow ... Read More

Stray Kitten So Happy When She is Finally off the Streets and Has Her Life Turned Around

Amy Bojo- April 4, 2019

A tiny stray kitten never stopped purring from the moment she found her second chance at life. Shauna @ixluvxcatsA resident from Philadelphia spotted a tabby ... Read More

Stray Cat So Happy When Her Kittens are Saved Just in Time, She Won't Leave Their Side

Amy Bojo- March 30, 2019

A stray cat was so happy when her kittens were saved from an uncertain fate. Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens A ginger cat mom and her litter ... Read More

Stray Cat Sneaks into Basement with Her Kittens and Finds Someone to Help Them

Amy Bojo- March 25, 2019

A resident was surprised to find a cat and her two tabby kittens living in the basement of their building. Jess Thoren Last month, a ... Read More

Stray Kittens Find Someone to Love After They Were Saved from Storm Drain

Amy Bojo- March 20, 2019

Two motherless kittens were found in a storm drain when someone heard their cries. Liberation Cat House About a month ago, Savanah Michelle, an Animal ... Read More

Woman Gave Special Kitten a Home When No One Else Did, and Turned His Life Around

Amy Bojo- March 15, 2019

A woman gave a blind kitten a home when no one else did, and turned his life around. @piratecatcjDevin from Colorado came across a Facebook ... Read More

Stray Kitten Walks into Man's Apartment and Decides to Stay and Change His Life

Amy Bojo- March 10, 2019

A little stray kitten wandered into an apartment in Northern California. A man offered her some tuna, and she decided to make him family. Adam ... Read More