Author: Doggy Dan

The Pros and Cons of Puppy Training Classes

Doggy Dan- April 5, 2019

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Food Aggression: Why Some Dogs Feel the Need to Aggressively Protect Their Dinner

Doggy Dan- March 16, 2019

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Winter Skin and Paw Care: How to Keep Your Dog Healthy in Cold Weather

Doggy Dan- February 15, 2019

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Should I Get Rid of My Dog? What to Do If Your Dog Bites

Doggy Dan- February 1, 2019

Dogs—while they are amazing, beautiful, wonderful creatures—are animals. And, anytime you’re spending time with an animal, there’s the potential for something to go wrong. Thankfully, ... Read More

Dog Chewing: How to Keep Your Dog from Destroying Your Stuff

Doggy Dan- January 19, 2019

If you’ve ever had a dog… Chew up your brand-new shoes Gnaw on your furniture Tear up your carpet …you’re not alone. One of the ... Read More

ScritchSpot: The Must-Have App Doggy Dan Recommends for All Dog Owners

Doggy Dan- January 19, 2019

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7 Winter Safety Myths about Dogs You Shouldn’t Believe

Doggy Dan- January 19, 2019

During the summer months, there’s a lot of talk about the dangers of leaving your dogs out in the summer heat. However, once winter rolls ... Read More