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Superpower Dogs reveal working dog diets at film premiere

Find Pet Insurance- April 9, 2019

To fuel their active lifestyles, the dogs ate a variety of diets, according to the people who accompanied them to the premiere. Read the original ... Read More

Anti-poaching camps give honey-buzzard sweet taste of success

Find Pet Insurance- April 9, 2019

The European Honey-buzzard is fearless in the face of stinging wasps and hornets - but it has no defence against illegal shooting for sport. In ... Read More

Convincing buyers of pet food nutrition may drive growth

Find Pet Insurance- April 8, 2019

LIVE FROM PFF: In 2018, 36 percent of respondents said strongly agree with the statement that they are willing to pay more for pet food ... Read More

Gift Box Edges McKinzie in Big 'Cap Thriller

Find Pet Insurance- April 7, 2019

After Gift Box took the lead off the turn for home in the 1 1/4-mile test, McKinzie had him in his sights, and the two ... Read More

Movie star rescue dog’s diet reflects active lifestyle

Find Pet Insurance- April 5, 2019

The stars of the IMAX film “Superpower Dogs” walked the red carpet at the premiere of the 3-D movie in Los Angeles. Read the original ... Read More

A mighty predator made helpless at the hands of humans

Find Pet Insurance- April 5, 2019

The eagle is a long-standing symbol of strength and glory, but though triumphant within the animal kingdom, the predator becomes the prey when the Eastern ... Read More

Small dogs prefer large kibble in palatability tests

Find Pet Insurance- April 4, 2019

By discerning what size kibble that dogs actually choose, there could be several benefits for both pet food retailers and dog food brands. Read the ... Read More