Author: Hovis

Hovis’ Friday diary: I am hiding in a bush, praying not to be recognised

Hovis- October 6, 2019

Dear diary, Many thanks to all of you who responded to me last week, offering words of condolence for the horror that my eyes experienced. ... Read More

Hovis’ Friday diary: ‘any cat swinging in this space would have you up on animal cruelty charges’

Hovis- April 6, 2019

Dear diary, I am free! After eight weeks of boring, boring, boring box rest, I am finally free! No more torture via local radio stations ... Read More

Hovis’ Friday diary: I’m on box rest I’m allowed some fun…

Hovis- February 23, 2019

Dear diary, So, she-who-must-be-obeyed is in mum-bye again this week meaning I have a whole weekend with her in merciful absence while she wafts around ... Read More

Hovis’ Friday diary: mother is having kittens

Hovis- January 19, 2019

Dear diary, So, following my news last week of my unwelcome visitor, Kevin the Keratoma, who has taken up squatting rights in my right fore, ... Read More