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Hovis’ Friday diary: my avenue cred was final seen operating down the street

Hovis- January 15, 2021

Expensive diary, It’s day 198 billion of the human strangles epidemic and whereas there's a lot hope on the horizon as a consequence of them ... Read More

Hovis’ Friday diary: please, for the love of horses depart the tinsel on the tree…

Hovis- December 28, 2020

Pricey diary, Peoples, we haz a lot to debate this week seeing because it’s the final time you’re going to listen to from me for ... Read More

Hovis’ Friday diary: the day the non-believers thought would by no means occur once more

Hovis- December 10, 2020

Expensive diary, So, this week has marked an enormous turning level in 2020, providing a ray of hope amongst a sea of pantsness, a beacon ... Read More

Hovis’ Friday diary: sure, I’m a tease and no, I’m not sorry

Hovis- November 19, 2020

Expensive diary, So, regardless of being caught on field relaxation myself, with a gap in my foot greater than the nationwide debt, and the specter ... Read More

Hovis’ Friday diary: I’ve received some haters

Hovis- November 1, 2020

Pricey diary, I've began to suppose this being on the one-way avenue of life’s nice exit may not be as dangerous as first thought. For ... Read More

Hovis’ Friday diary: what goes 99, bonk, 99, bonk?

Hovis- October 14, 2020

Pricey Diary What goes 99, bonk, 99, bonk? A centipede with a plaster solid on its poorly foot. Badda bish! You don’t should thank me ... Read More

Hovis’ Friday diary: I’m a great distance from the scrapheap — this week proved it…

Hovis- September 8, 2020

Pricey diary, I do really feel like final week’s diary brought on a good few of you to fret — now there’s a few issues ... Read More