Author: Lynn Merton

Managing Cat Scratches

Lynn Merton- April 11, 2019

Image Credits: Pixabay If you own a cat, there is more than an even chance of your sofa being in tatters-along with your nerves. You ... Read More

Treating a Cat in Electrical Shock

Lynn Merton- April 7, 2019

Image Credits: Pixabay Kittens suffer from more electrical shocks, but grown cats do not. This is as kittens are extremely curious and will chew anything ... Read More

Five Cat Toxins

Lynn Merton- April 3, 2019

Image Credits: Pixabay Your cat is in danger in its own home. It is imperative that you “cat-proof” your residence. Studies have indicated that your ... Read More

Nosebleeds in Cats

Lynn Merton- March 29, 2019

Image Credits: Pixabay Nosebleeds in cats are scientifically known as epistaxis. It is described as a kind of acute hemorrhage or bleeding from the feline’s ... Read More

Things You Do That Your Dog Probably Hates

Lynn Merton- March 25, 2019

Image Credits: Pixabay You could be doing things to your dog which is annoying it without realizing the consequence of your actions. Dogs tolerate human ... Read More

Surprising Facts About Cats

Lynn Merton- March 21, 2019

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Why Your Cat Urinates on Your Bed?

Lynn Merton- March 17, 2019

Image Credits: Pixabay Some cat parents discover their beds soaked in cat pee and wish they had picked up a better animal as a pet. ... Read More