“Birds in Flight” BirdSpotter Judges’ Choice Winner!  “Birds in Flight” BirdSpotter Judges’ Choice Winner! Category4 JC BAOR DavidVote

“Birds in Flight” BirdSpotter Judges’ Choice Winner!

| Small Argument Over A Treat by David Vote |
Congratulations to our BirdSpotter Judges’ Choice winner, David Vote of St Ansgar, IA, for this action-shot of two Baltimore Orioles! David says:
I put half of an orange out but it’s gone too soon, so I keep filling the the empty orange half with grape jelly. I get many Baltimore and Orchard Orioles that show up during the spring migration. Some years a couple make this their summer home. It’s really fun to watch. I was standing in my patio door when I took this.
Want to see orioles at your feeder site? Attract them with orange halves, grape jelly, sugar water, or even suet. These birds spend much of the winter in Central and South America, but there are a lucky few folks in the very southern parts of the United States that may get these species in the non-breeding season (and more people farther north as migration starts up again in early spring!). If you live too far north to see orioles during the FeederWatch season, check out our Common Feeder Birds tool to see what kinds of foods your local species prefer.
Submissions are still open for the current BirdSpotter category Woodpeckers and Nuthatches. Submit any photo of a woodpecker or nuthatch by midnight Eastern Time on Thursday, January 17, for a chance to win! Winners will be announced on Friday and Saturday, January 25 and 26. Biweekly People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice winners receive prizes from the Cornell Lab and our sponsor, Wild Birds Unlimited. Anyone can participate by entering a photo and voting for their favorites. Find out more about the BirdSpotter contest.

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