“Birds in Flight” BirdSpotter People’s Choice Winner!  “Birds in Flight” BirdSpotter People’s Choice Winner! Category4 PC BAEA BeckyWeaber

“Birds in Flight” BirdSpotter People’s Choice Winner!

| Bald Eagle Soaring Over My Sunroof by Becky Weaber |
Congratulations to our fourth BirdSpotter People’s Choice winner, Becky Weaber, of Lebanon County, PA, for her photo of this soaring Bald Eagle. Becky says that she was watching the eagle in a tree from her car, and as she got her camera ready the eagle took off. She pointed the camera through her sunroof, snapping all of the while, and was able to capture this shot!
Bald Eagle populations, once in serious decline, are doing much better now under protection. It’s unlikely that they’ll come to your feeders, but they are most widespread during the winter months. You may be able to find one fishing near a body of water, such as a lake, river, reservoir, or along the coastline.
Submissions are open for the current BirdSpotter category Woodpeckers and Nuthatches. Submit your photo of a woodpecker or nuthatch by midnight Eastern Time on Thursday, January 17, 2019 for a chance to win! Winners will be announced on Friday and Saturday, January 25 and 26. Biweekly People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice winners receive prizes from the Cornell Lab and our sponsor, Wild Birds Unlimited. Anyone can participate by entering a photo and voting for their favorites. Find out more about the BirdSpotter contest.

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