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Hovis’ Friday diary: being a hacking hero and having fun with it whereas it lasts…  Hovis’ Friday diary: being a hacking hero and having fun with it whereas it lasts… Screen Shot 2020 04 09 at 14

Hovis’ Friday diary: being a hacking hero and having fun with it whereas it lasts…

Pricey Diary
It’s day 9 hundred and ninety-nine billion of the human strangles epidemic and while concern nonetheless stays of a second spike extra ferocious than a porcupine with hiccups, throughout the land a brand new norm has settled.  It reaffirms my long-held perception that people are like poos in a water trough – you simply can’t maintain them down and like small furless phoenixes they’ll rise once more…
Mom is neither small nor furless, however what’s changing into more and more clear is she has the stubbornness of a mule with its toes encased in concrete.  Regardless of me attempting to sacrifice her to the gods of tractors every week in the past, she nonetheless turned up on Sunday like a suspiciously unhealthy odor at a christening with the optimism of Joe Wicks at a seal colony.
She had, no less than, returned the night time earlier than to rescue us from the kind of deluge that requires boat constructing and the hasty discovering of a big different after “mis-reading” the climate forecast when she turned us out bare to face all of mom nature’s fury.  To be truthful I feel it was much less the rain that provoked her uncommon act of altruism, however extra the mass quantity of lightening flying about which did have one involved about being hit by a materialising DeLorean at any second.
Both means by the point she did truly get her act collectively on the Saturday night, Barbie Boy and I had been moist by means of and fewer than amused.  Effectively okay, I did snigger when the rain induced her to get electrocuted a number of instances by the gate handles, however having been partnered with the portly poodle for over 13 years, I’ve learnt to take the humour the place you will discover it…
Web haynet we had spent the night time in on Saturday so I couldn’t even specific my disgust at being made to exit at an hour so ungodly it wouldn’t have gotten by means of the door of a church with out vaporised (which to be truthful neither would mom) by dragging my heels while being led in.  As a substitute I took a perverse pleasure in having rolled in so many shavings, by the point she’d brushed all of them off we had been re-enacting a white Christmas within the gangway and mom appeared just like the earlier than image in a Head & Shoulders advert.  It’s the small issues peoples, the small issues.
So, after saddling me and having to tighten my girth one other 120 holes as a result of my supreme hunger regime, we mounted up and headed out of the yard with a fairly wild-eyed Bob and his mom (who had completely regular eyes – simply to be clear).  I settled in my customary place – shut sufficient to Bob’s derriere to shove him below the wheels of any passing crop sprayers, however not shut sufficient to offer him any concepts – however mom had apparently been talking with Cool New Sneakers Man about “making me stride out” extra so I used to be pressured to stroll up alongside Bob as an alternative.  Now a) I discover this recommendation wealthy coming from the person who solely “strides out” when he’s upset mom and doesn’t fancy being fed homegrown Italian manballs, and b) if I stroll alongside Bob I both should put him on my blind aspect and threat him launching a stealth snog after I’m unable to defend myself or put him on my good aspect and depend on him to be my information canine which is like entrusting your life to a depressed Dachshund.
Anyway, as a result of that is mom and since she has the using capacity and interior thigh muscular tissues of an aged sumo wrestler, I used to be pressured to capitulate quicker than Trump Junior was faraway from Twitter.  Which is as far as to say, rapidly however protesting loudly…
On we tootled, in the direction of the following village as each moms deemed the off-road routes to be “too boggy” following the downpour the night time earlier than when impulsively Bob and I heard it.  The kind of hissing solely heard when a cat’s tail is caught in a vice, a gremlin is uncovered to water or when two ladies flip up at a marriage in the identical outfit.  Bob stopped in his tracks like a Vanilla Ice had simply shouted “sSop!” (though to be clearly he did neither collaborate nor pay attention), out of the blue changing into as deaf to all mothership’s alerts as a toddler in a candy store and as about as prone to throw a large strop.  Now in my model of occasions, with my billion-pound bionic left eye I assessed the state of affairs like an equine avenger earlier than bravely stepping forth and main the cowardly cow-pony previous the potential savage serpent and all imminent hazard, saving each him and humanity from sure doom.  In mom’s model she cracked me on the ass, put her leg on and calmly walked previous the small water stream coming from a gap within the irrigation pipe.  I do know which one I’d fairly consider…
We did have the small difficulty of a suicidal MAMIL, who maybe recognising what a loss to the equine world Bob and I might be, bravely and silently got here across the again of us and threw himself into the face of hazard with none regard for his security.  Or in different phrases he was a strolling advert for Darwinism who not solely risked being sat on by ½ a tonne of petrified piebald and ¾ tonne of cannily cautious Clydesdale, but additionally the far better hazard of mom’s wrath all for the sake of the break up second he’d have needed to wait.  Evidently, the lycra clad lunatic was handled to a really fluent Anglo-Saxon description of each his heritage and his mental prowess while we sashayed by means of the spray like an X-quine rated moist and wild video.
The remainder of the hack handed with out incident till we needed to repeat the save going the opposite means as a result of it appears Bob has the kind of reminiscence that makes Dory appear like my mom relating to reminiscence (i.e. one like an elephant with an ass to match).  Such reward was lavished on me by Bob’s grateful mom than I strode dwelling with the pep and vigour of Usain Bolt on a promise while he glared at me and moodily mouthed “tractors” from below his moustache. Inexperienced, it must be stated, isn’t a great color on him…
So, I’m for as soon as basking within the glory of being the “good boy” of the outing and since this can be a rarer incidence than the mothership smiling with out the help of alcohol, then just like the British sunshine, I’m going to get pleasure from it while it lasts.
Hovis the Hacking Hero Horse

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