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Cat obesity rate rose in 90s, steady during past decade

Find Pet Insurance- October 15, 2019

The study results suggest that many cat owners may not bring their cats to the veterinarian repeatedly, especially after the first year. Read the original ... Read More

Scientific tip for seaweed palatability in dog food

Find Pet Insurance- October 12, 2019

While high levels of seaweed inclusion reduced dogs’ preference for the kibble, the researchers offered advice for maintaining palatability while using seaweed-based pet food ingredients. ... Read More

Why Are Black Cats Considered to Be Bad Luck?

Lynn Merton- October 9, 2019

Image Credit – Pixabay Black cats are as beautiful and cuddly as any other cat of any origin. But they have been demonized for centuries ... Read More

Dog Food Allergy: The Elimination Diet

Elizabeth Anderson Lopez- October 6, 2019

The post Dog Food Allergy: The Elimination Diet by Elizabeth Anderson Lopez appeared first on Dogster. Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You ... Read More

Faba beans: A new pulse for the dog and cat food market

Find Pet Insurance- October 3, 2019

Faba beans may be the next new grain-free ingredient in dog and cat food, according to recent research. Read the original article Read More

Bacillus subtilis bacteria probiotic boosts dog digestion

Find Pet Insurance- September 30, 2019

The makers of Calsporin, a strain of Bacillus subtilis, and University of Zaragoza, Spain collaborators published evidence that Bacillus subtilis improves fat and carbohydrate digestibility ... Read More

List of Top Five Hairless Dog Breeds

Lynn Merton- September 27, 2019

Image Credits: Pixabay Dogs come in all shapes and sizes; some adorable, some ferocious, and some outrightly unique. Dogs make a great companion to humans. ... Read More