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Managing Cat Scratches

Lynn Merton- April 11, 2019

Image Credits: Pixabay If you own a cat, there is more than an even chance of your sofa being in tatters-along with your nerves. You ... Read More

5 Dog-Walking Problems & Solutions

Annie Phenix, CPDT-KA- April 10, 2019

Walking with your dog is supposed to be relaxing and fun for you both, but so often it is a struggle and anything but fun ... Read More

Superpower Dogs reveal working dog diets at film premiere

Find Pet Insurance- April 9, 2019

To fuel their active lifestyles, the dogs ate a variety of diets, according to the people who accompanied them to the premiere. Read the original ... Read More

Convincing buyers of pet food nutrition may drive growth

Find Pet Insurance- April 8, 2019

LIVE FROM PFF: In 2018, 36 percent of respondents said strongly agree with the statement that they are willing to pay more for pet food ... Read More

Treating a Cat in Electrical Shock

Lynn Merton- April 7, 2019

Image Credits: Pixabay Kittens suffer from more electrical shocks, but grown cats do not. This is as kittens are extremely curious and will chew anything ... Read More

Is Your Dog Peeing Blood? Here’s Why

Jennifer Lesser- April 6, 2019

The post Is Your Dog Peeing Blood? Here’s Why by Jennifer Lesser appeared first on Dogster. Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You ... Read More

Movie star rescue dog’s diet reflects active lifestyle

Find Pet Insurance- April 5, 2019

The stars of the IMAX film “Superpower Dogs” walked the red carpet at the premiere of the 3-D movie in Los Angeles. Read the original ... Read More