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Splash of Sunshine: BirdSpotter People’s Choice Winner

| American Goldfinch by Eileen Chorba|

Our sixth BirdSpotter category was all about bringing a little bit of sunshine to these gray, wintery days. Congratulations to our BirdSpotter People’s Choice winner for Category 6, Eileen Chorba of Beach Lake, PA! Eileen’s photo of this American Goldfinch, framed with these pink cherry petals, earned her the most votes. Eileen says:
Spring is my favorite season and I always look forward to seeing all the blossoms. Our cherry tree provides great photo opportunities when in bloom, and on this particular day the American Goldfinches were enjoying it as much as I do!

American Goldfinches are a welcome sight in spring. Males molt back into their bright yellow plumage, a striking contrast against their jet black wings. These birds are seen over much of the US during winter, and move farther north to breed into southern Canada. The best way to attract them to your feeders is to provide sunflower seeds and/or thistle seeds (nyjer). They’ll come to tube, hopper, and platform feeders, and will also come to seeds thrown on the ground. You can plant native seed-bearing plants to attract them to your garden as well.

Submissions are open now for the seventh (and penultimate) BirdSpotter category Boring is Beautiful! Now it’s time to show a little love for your everyday feeder friends. Submit your photo by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Thursday, February 13, 2020 for a chance to win. These winners will be announced on Friday, February 21, and will be entered into the Grand Prize contest along with other weekly winners. Biweekly People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice winners receive prizes from the Cornell Lab and our sponsor, Wild Birds Unlimited. Anyone can participate by entering a photo and voting for their favorites! Find out more about the BirdSpotter contest.

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